The SMU Look is the student-run fashion magazine at  Southern Methodist University.

One Piece, Three Ways
(November 2016)
Three different ways to style a red leather jacket.


The Daily Campus is the independent student-run campus newspaper at  Southern Methodist University.

(April 2016)
SMU twins who match their clothing everyday.

Author and Former Editor Kate Betts Lectures at SMU
(April 2016)
Kate Betts spoke to SMU students about her life and career.

Jeremy Scott To Appear In Dallas For Book Signing
(April 2016)
Preview for a Jeremy Scott book signing in Dallas.

SMU Hosts 51st Annual Women’s Symposium
(March 2016)
Carol Moseley Braun is the keynote speaker for the 51st annual Women’s Symposium, which focuses on women breaking through stereotypes, industry, and economic limitations.

40 Days of Self-control
(February 2016)
SMU students talk about what they are giving up for Lent.

SMU SMC is the blog used by the advanced Digital Engagement class In CCPA at SMU to learn content marketing and writing for SEO. 

Twitter’s New “Muted Words” Feature.
(November 2016)
Twitter introduces a  new feature to try to stop hate speech on the social media platform.

Social Media Influencers
(November 2016)
Social media Influencer’s multi-billion dollar industry

See-now Buy-now
(September 2016)
See-now Buy-now’s impact on fashion journalism and public relations.