A Day In Preston Center

This blog is about exploring different areas of Dallas to help you get your three square meals a day.


Get your day started in preston center with Yolk for breakfast. This Chicago- based bunch spot is the perfect place to grab breakfast. The menu is filled with everything from omelets to crepes. Some of their fan favorites include chicken ’n’ waffles,

The South Beach $11

cheesy egg sandwich, and red velvet french toast. Sam Higgins loves to eat breakfast here because she can either eat healthy or go all out.

“I love the South Beach when I’m trying to be healthier but any of their pancakes are also amazing,” said Higgins.

True Food Kitchen

For lunch head over to True Food Kitchen. Located just on the other side of Preston from Yolk, True Food Kitchen is a local favorite. This Phenix based restaurant is where healthy food

Ancient Grains Bowl $14

meets good tasting food. The menu ranches from kale salads to bison burgers. Mackenzie Harper loves coming here because she feels like she is eating healthy.

“My favorite is the ancient grains bowl. I probably get it at least once a week,” said Harper.

R+D Kitchen

End the Day at R+D Kitchen for a great dinner. This Hillstone Group restaurant is always a good choice when you

Spicy Tuna “Osaka Syle” $17

need a good meal. The menu ranges from sushi to Spaghetti. Their burger is a favorite among many. However, Amanda

Rule loves their sushi.

“I honestly think they have the best sushi in Dallas. It’s always amazing,” said Rule.


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