A Day in Highland Park Village

Dallas foodThis blog is about exploring different areas of Dallas to help you get your three square meals a day.

Highland park village is a great spot in Dallas for a day of shopping and eating. There are so many different options to chose from. To help make your decision a little easier, I decided to highlight three different options for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Royal Blue Grocery

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Your first stop in Highland Park village should be Royal blue Grocery. This Austin-based grocery store opened in Highland Park village in 2015. This is way more than a grocery store. Royal Blue consolidates foods and baked goods from different spots around Dallas. It’s a grocery store, bakery, restaurant,

Royal Blue

Vegetarian Tacos

coffee shop, wine shop, flower store all in one. Their Stumptown Coffee is the perfect thing to get you going in the morning. Mackenzie Harper also loved the TacoDeli tacos they serve in the mornings.

“I wake up craving their breakfast tacos on a regular basis”, said Harper.

They offer five different types of tacos. But get there fast because as soon as they run out, they are out for the day.Royal blue

Bird Bakery

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

After a break for shopping, your next stop should be Bird Bakery for lunch. This San Antonio-based bakery is Highland Park village’s newest addition. Although they are known for their baked goods, they also offer a variety of

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Chicken salad protein style

different sandwiches and soups for lunch. They also havean option to make one of the sandwiches protein style, so itcomes on a salad instead of bread. Sofie Rossell loves the protein style option.


“I always get the tuna or chicken salad protein style if I’m trying to be more healthy, however I love the artichoke and spinach grilled cheese when I’m looking to treat myself,” said Rossell.

After your lunch, you can grab a sweet treat from their bakery to hold you over until dinner.Bird Bakery

The Honor Bar

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Dinner at The Honor Bar is a great way to end your day in Highland Park village. The Honor Bar is Hillstone Group’s newest restaurant to Dallas. You might have a long wait if you go at their prime dinner hours, but the

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Honor Burger

wait is worth it. They have a variety of appetizers, salads, and entrees. You can’t really go wrong with whatever you

order. This is one of Maddy Levitt’s favorite spots in Dallas.

“Every time I go, I have to get the burger. It’s one of my favorite burgers in Dallas,” said Levitt.

The atmosphere is Honor bar is warm and comfort. The perfect way to in your day in Highland Park Village.The Honor Bar



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