A Lower Greenville Day

img_7624-1This blog is about exploring different areas of Dallas to help you get your three square meals a day.


Lower Greenville is a great place to spend all day exploring. While exploring this exciting area, you will need to refuel along the way. Although there are many great restaurants in the area, I decided to highlight three for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

To get your Lower Greenville day started right, head to Toasted Coffee and Kitchen. Located right off Greenville, this restaurant and coffee house is one of Dallas’s new popular spots. It takes the simple concept of toast and adds flare with creative toppings. The toast concept has been appearing in brunch restaurants all over Dallas.What makes toasted different from other restaurants is that they bake all of their bread in-house. Aj Johnson loves all the creative names for the different kinds of toast. “My favorites are the ‘Honey I’m Home’ toast and the ‘Ricotta Be Kidding’ toast,” said Johnson.

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

The next stop on your Lower Greenville day should be HG Supply Co. HG makes eating healthy a little more fun. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by the “Paleo Diet” or back-to-basics food, according to D Magazine. Hannah Blake, who follows a gluten free diet, loves all of the options at HG. “They are extremely accommodating to my gluten allergy and also offer a lot of options for me to chose from,” said Blake.


Photographed by Madeleine Auffenberg

The last spot on your lower Greenville day should be The Blind Butcher. This restaurant is known for it’s charcuterie and cheese boards. It’s has a variety of house made sausages that change throughout the year and some staples. Mariella Norona loves going here with her friends. “They have a great craft beer selection and the plates are the perfect size to share with friends,” said Norona. The Blind Butcher is a great way to end your Lower Greenville day.


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